Caution Needed: Controlled Substances

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Medication has made a huge difference in Jim’s fight against dementia. He was prescribed Aricept and Namenda immediately upon diagnosis 13 years ago. Getting an early start with these two common dementia medications has no doubt helped to slow down … Continued

It’s Not Always Dementia

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Until May 2014, Jim’s dementia had manifested itself as a gradual decline in cognitive and physical abilities. Then without warning there was a significant deterioration in Jim’s level of capabilities and a simultaneous major increase in Jim’s level of agitation. … Continued

Finding Joy At Christmas

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  Dementia has changed how Jim and I experience the Christmas season. Gone are the days of spending hours on activities we always enjoyed together, such as shopping for special family presents, putting up the outdoor decorations and attending lots … Continued

Traveling with Dementia

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Jim was never a big traveler. He liked staying at home. I always planned our trips and Jim would come along almost as a favor to me. And sometimes if I was visiting family and he knew I would be … Continued


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Jim has survived 13 years of dementia in large part due to the excellent medical professionals that have served us during that time. I respect them all immensely and value their friendship. So I was startled when one of Jim’s … Continued

The Eating Issue

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Eating can become a very real problem for someone with dementia. There is the reduced appetite, swallowing problems, and unwillingness to lift a fork. A year ago Jim weighed 200 pounds. Twelve months later he weighed 150. Having lost one … Continued

The Caregiver Decision

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As Jim’s dementia progressed, it became obvious he would need full-time caregiving while I was at work. Jim had become afraid to stay by himself and needed help getting through the day. Initially we considered all the traditional care giving … Continued

The Start

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As Jim and I planned our retirement, we thought about the many things the luxury of time would allow us to enjoy. But we never planned on dementia, and when it entered our lives, it dramatically changed our plans. Jim … Continued

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