The Bone Broth Magic Bullet

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As we have sought to slow the progression of Jim’s dementia, we have made a series of radical changes to his diet. Along the way we have discovered a few dietary “magic bullets.” One of those magic bullets and one that gives you more bang for your buck than just about anything is beef bone broth. It is a delicious broth, rich in nutrients and minerals, produced by simmering beef bones and other ingredients for many hours.

I got tuned into the benefits of bone broth when Jim’s inflammation specialist recommended I give Jim a cup daily. Why go the bone broth route? With conventional treatments of dementia there is nothing curative – these treatments only help with symptoms. On the other hand, a 2014 medical study showed a 90 percent strongly favorable response by dementia patients to comprehensive lifestyle management – meaning changes to diet, exercise and sleep habits and more. And beef bone broth should definitely be part of a lifestyle management program for anyone diagnosed with dementia.

What specifically is so great about beef bone broth? In one short sentence – it can transform your health! It will help detoxify your body, reduce brain fog, give you a huge immunity boost, and protect you from viruses. It is almost a magical concoction of nutrients. The stock contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur in a form the body can easily absorb. In addition, the collagen (a protein in connective tissue) that is extracted from the bones during the cooking process can help restore youthful vigor, tighten skin and diminish cellulite. Some people call it the “surgeryfree way to improve skin.

I buy grassfed beef bones at a farmer’s market or organicstyle grocery store. It is cooked for 8 to 10 hours, and there are many recipes out on the internet. We make enough so that it lasts for at least a month by freezing several bottles after it cools. It can also be used in soups or other dishes.

Jim drinks a cup of bone broth with breakfast every day. His inflammation doctor told me it was one of the only chances he has to regrow brain cells. I obviously don’t know if that has happened or not, but I do know that his dementia doctor says that Jim’s current condition is extremely “atypical.” He has noticed that over the last six months Jim has actually improved – something he said he does not see in his patients. I’m sure the reasons for that improvement are many, but one of those must be the positive changes we’ve made to Jim’s diet – including the daily cup of bone broth. I think Jim has also gotten some of the cosmetic benefits from bone broth too, as you’ll see from the photo below, which was taken last week. For someone about to turn 78, I think he looks amazing (and is still so handsome to me!).

God tells us in the Bible that His people perish for “lack of knowledge.” Certainly bone broth is something I had no knowledge of a year ago, but I needed to know. Fortunately we went to a specialist who enlightened us. It has been a reminder to me that we cannot stop learning and seeking out new developments in the treatment of dementia. In this evolving field of medicine, there is so much left to discover.

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  1. Vicki, Sandi Anderson told me about your blog as soon as you started. My wife has what the doctor calls mild cognitive impairment. Thank you very much for your informative posts, you are a gem. JimA

  2. Carole Laughlin

    Vicki, such great news. I was excited to see the picture of Jim at Russel’s party. My friend in Texas is really enjoying your information as well.

  3. Kenneth Samuelson Sr

    Thanks so much for your useful and inspiring posts. Will be using this bone broth idea with my dear wife. Ken Samuelson Sr

  4. Paula D Baker

    Wonderful news!…thank you for sharing and as always you both our in my prayers

  5. Jim burleson

    saigon palace. South Blvd at the corner of Tyvola. Bone broth is what constitutes pho. I eat it every day. Give it a try.

  6. Sandi Anderson

    Vicki, a great informative article. I have forwarded to several others who are interested in slowing the progression of dementia. Thank you for all your hard work. Jim is so fortunate to have you!

  7. Jody Ballard

    I think this is exciting news. Jim is so blessed to have a wife who isn’t accepting the deteriorating of his health. I think all older people should take this. Thank you for keeping me informed,

  8. Jeri Moore Lee..[mrs Talmage Lee]

    eriTalmage & I grew up close to Jimmy.he and Talmage played ball together. I still live in murray Hill. Talmage passed away july 29 2016. I still make bone broth, my mom always made . it’s great stuff..what a great thing you are doing,anyone who is a caregiver, knows you can never get enough information,about this debilitating disease. jimmy looks great,I feel very strongly that diet plays a big part in how long our loved ones are able to stay strong.keep up the good work ,and hold Jimmy near your heart..he is indeed a very fortunate man.. Jeri Lee

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